Over the course of the project, there will be six miniseries between Oxford and Cambridge on topics like the multiverse, fine-tuning and infinities in cosmology. Each will be announced in advance.

Third Oxford Miniseries: Cosmology and Quantum Foundations

10-12 June, 2013
St Anne's College, Oxford

Quantum theory as originally formulated could only be applied given a classically-described experimental context. As such, can it be applied to the description of the universe as a whole? How should it be formulated so that it can yield a quantum theory of cosmology? Is such a description even needed? What problems in cosmology might be solved in this way? This minicourse examines these questions from the perspective of many-worlds theory, pilot-wave theory, and the relational interpretation of quantum theory, with lectures from leading advocates of each.

Day 1: Monday 10th June 2pm-5.45pm
Day 2: Tuesday 11th June 2pm-5.30pm; 7pm dinner
Day 3: Wednesday 12th June 2pm-5.30pm

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There will be a special workshop on
Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th; 9:30am-12:30pm.
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Carlo Rovelli

Simon Saunders

Max Tegmark

Antony Valentini

Second Oxford Miniseries: Is 'God' Explanatory?

9-11 January, 2013
St Anne's College, Oxford

This miniseries will explore the theological and, by extension, metaphysical questions that pertain to cosmology. The origin and order of the cosmos have helped inspire belief in a "Supreme Being" or "First Cause" for millennia; but what bearing, if any, does the modern scientific approach to studying cosmology have on such beliefs? Does introducing God into the discussion add anything?

Lectures can be viewed on YouTube Videos.

Lara Buchak

Sean Carroll

John Hawthorne

William Stoeger

Keith Ward

First Oxford Miniseries: The Arrow of Time

30 April - 2 May 2012
St Anne's College, Oxford

This miniseries was the first of several on philosophy of cosmology to take place in Oxford and Cambridge. Speakers included Joe Silk, Roger Penrose, Jeremy Butterfield, John Barrow and David Wallace. Videos for the conference can be found here.


John Barrow

Jeremy Butterfield

Roger Penrose

Joe Silk

David Wallace